• Media Library (Images \ Videos \ Documents)

    Easy to use high performance Media\Content storage repository, designed for use with Cloud AdWord Screen Management for both throughput and transaction intensive capability at any scale.

    It helps you create Media Library. Our media library aims to help you discover, explore and improve the content published using Cloud AdWord content delivery application. Media library consists of the images, video, recordings, and files that you upload and use while casting a Campaign in the Application. Content in the Media Library can be organized with nested folders and tag content to make content management easy.

  • Performance

    Media\Content storage repositories are performant for your most demanding capabilities. SSD-backed options include a volume designed for high performance throughput and transaction intensive capability at any scale.

  • Easy to Use

    Media\Content storage repositories is easy to create, use, encrypt and protect your data. It allows you to increase storage without any disruption to your capabilities.

  • Highly Available and Durable

    Content repository architecture offers reliability. The storage is designed to protect against failures, offering 99.999% availability and an annual failure rate (AFR) of 0.1%-0.2%.

  • Highly Scalable

    The Cloud Application enables you to increase storage without any disruption to your capabilities.

  • Secure

    Built to be secure for data compliance that can be encrypted by default with a single setting in your account. It supports encryption of data at-rest & data in-transit which has zero impact on performance.

  • Cost-Effective

    Apart from the default repository size, additional storage comes in an optimized cost. The repository deduplication option eliminates data duplication and save on storage cost.

Cloud Adword
Cloud Adword


  • Add Device

    You can easily add new devices online by installing Cloud AdWord App from the store based on the Operating System (Linux, Windows, Android & iOS). Cloud AdWord is tested against top industry standard hardware offering reliability and compatibility across latest formats be it HD-Ready, Full HD or 4K Ultra HD.

  • Create Layout

    You can choose a layout using the sample screens or create a layout defining screen orientations (Portrait and Landscape), screen size, aspect ratio, screen resolution (Width\Height, Inch\CM\MM\Pixels)

  • Create Division

    You can use the layout as it is or create divisions. Note that, these divisions can act as an independent screen themselves playing Individual Content each time.

  • Create Group

    You can create and manage groups of screens (Devices) and easily label them with group names. Cloud Adword lets you publish same content at once on all the screens in the group.

  • Drag & Drop Media from Library

    You can Drag & Drop content from Media Library into the order of each division created in a screen layout and change default duration for different media types with timelines. You can also create a Playlist or Campaign and publish the content to the desired screen.

  • Schedule & Publish

    You can schedule your content in advance and choose when it expires. Schedule and publish your content to a Full Screen or a Division by date, hour, day and location. Once the schedule is created the content is published to the screens as defined.



User Management is flexible, with an extra level of security. It lets you enable or limit access to content, settings & displays for individuals or groups of users. Our enhanced role-based security model determines who can publish what content based on permission levels.

User Groups can help create permission level within a company and allocate permissions to publish content not only to devices and screens but also to screen divisions.

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